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Art as a Lifestyle


Charlotte Art Gallery is a curated place of beauty and creativity. The aim is to highlight Artists and Creatives in our City and connect them with those who enjoy Creativity as a lifestyle. As the world expands its reach globally, community has struggled to connect and survive; this has stirred a desire to be more rooted in our neighborhoods and know the people around us. We are hopeful to use our global connections without losing sight of those next door. We are happy to solve this problem with our local Arts culture by offering a Gallery for Charlotte area artists. This site is a way for the City to easily find talented Artists and Creatives. This platform supports their local businesses and continues to leverage our City as one of the best places to live.   

Founder/Artist Tamery Stafford  

I am happy to host you on The Charlotte Art Gallery platform. I hope you enjoy the Gallery and getting to know more about the story behind this venture. 

I am a Graduate with a BFA from the Savannah of Art and Design with a focus in Interior Design. I moved to Charlotte in the mid 90’s and found a city devoid of creativity and a disinterest for art and artists. My husband and I, who married after meeting at SCAD, moved from Savannah to Charlotte. We were surprised and disappointed to experience this huge shift in the art culture we were used to. Scott is a graphic designer – UX/UI designer and we both entered the corporate world in Uptown Charlotte using our degrees. Thankfully we can fast forward a few decades and see a beautiful change in our City’s art scene.  I am now a self-taught painter in watercolor and acrylic and began immersing myself in the Uptown and South End art scene. I enjoy visiting our museums, Galleries and Crawls and began volunteering with a couple of Gallery/Artist communities. I quickly noticed a disconnect in public art venues and the promotion of our local artists. I found it near impossible to discover local artists through searching google etc. I and my fellow artists are looking for way to be seen and more visible in our community. I consider myself a connector and realized that with my design background, a husband who is a web designer and sons who are in film, music and programming, I could use this house of talent to bring artists and the community together. As an artist, I’m hopeful and excited to have a platform where art is honored by being publicly known and therefore enjoyed by those who find great art and place it in their beautiful spaces. Take heart my fellow Artists and Creatives… we shall find a beautiful and prosperous way to live Creativity is a Lifestyle

Thank you sincerely for your contribution to our creative community! 

Tamery Stafford for my personal site